Pat and Carole McIntosh & Phil and Nora McCaleb

The McCaleb and the McIntoshes each have more than 45 years of sailing under their belts. Their sailing resumes include having sailed thousands of miles in the South Pacific, the Caribbean, and, more to the point of these seminars, the west coasts of North and Central America. In the process, they both have made multiple trips up and down the coasts of California and Mexico, including several Baja Ha Ha’s and Baja Bashes. These sailors will not only guide you down the Pacific coast, but can answer any land-based questions you have about roads, airport connections, hotels, shopping – to ensure you get the most out of your trips south of the border, for either extended cruising or commuter cruising. They have not only cruised the waters, they have driven the roads, used the airports and cleared customs with lots of gear.

The primary emphasis of their seminars is to help prepare you for cruising, and take you safely and comfortably through the towns and villages of the Sea of Cortez, the coastal waters of Mexico, and venture out on side trips to historical and beautiful inland areas. They can also introduce you to voyaging as far south as Panama.

They have conducted cruising seminars together for several years, helping thousands of other sailors prepare for cruising. Their cruising logs, seminar notes, information on recent regulation changes, and constant input from other active cruisers, have led to the creation of their two cruising books, CRUISING NOTES – Things to know before you go and their newest book, CRUISING NOTES – Underway to Mexico. Their books contain an invaluable collection of cruising tips, data, and useful information that is not readily compiled anywhere else. You will receive a free copy of CRUISING NOTES – Underway to Mexico as an attendee at their seminars at this year’s boat show.

They invite you to join-in, ask questions, and participate with them as they help you prepare for your sail of a lifetime, to wherever the wind blows!