Kira Maxiner with Nicole Ortiz & Darcy Shea

Captain Kira Maixner has her OUPV Captains License. She is a sailing instructor at Modern Sailing School and Club and crew on USA 76 – a retired America™s Cup Yacht docked at Pier 39. While she enjoys teaching people from all walks of life, she is most passionate when it comes to women and sailing. She strives to create an inclusive and supportive community encouraging women to take the helm.




Nicole Ortiz is an active MSC member and over the past two years has been an early champion of women’s sailing at the club, is the club’s first female club Skipper, and recently double-handed the Amalfi Coast after teaching her friend Kim to sail. Nichole began sailing in San Diego in 2001 and has sailed the San Francisco Bay since 2010.



Captain Darci Shea Bogdan, a Santa Cruz native, grew up cruising on a sailboat with her family on a 50’ Piver Trimaran named the Starship. Her upbringing influenced her to pursue sailing as a career and in 2010 she started teaching for various ASA affiliate schools on the East Coast and in California. Over time Darci built her experience as a crew member on various larger vessels in the Bay Area and in 2016 she became the 1st Woman Captain of the Santa Cruz 70’ Chardonnay II and the Director of Operations for Pacific Sail Sailing School based out of Santa Cruz Harbor. Currently, Darci still works as a Captain for Chardonnay Sailing Charters and Sea Spirit Ocean Safari.