Jeff Grossman and Jean Levine

Jeff and Jean assist couples in realizing their sailing dreams with their company Two Can Sail. They work with one couple at a time to provide cruising lifestyle training including; boat shopping/purchase, surveying and personal training aboard the couple’s boat.

They have extensively cruised the Caribbean, the East coast of the U.S. from Maine to Texas, as well as the Yucatan coast of Mexico, specializing in navigating the Gulf Stream. Jeff holds an Electrical/Computer Engineering degree and has worked with almost all forms of electronic navigation. Jean is an Accredited Marine Surveyor (SAMS AMS) and is ABYC Standards Certified. Both Jeff and Jean are 100GT Masters and ASA Certified Sailing Instructors. Together, they have over 60 years of experience operating over 170 different models of sailboats, including dozens of cruising catamarans. Jeff and Jean have a passion to share their experience of cruising with their couples focused sailings.