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Introduction to Upper Air 500 Mb Concepts and Charts

Date: Friday, April 20, 2018

Time: 10:30am - 11:30am

Location: Craneway Seminar Pavilion

Cost: Free

Speaker: Lee Chesneau

An Introduction to Upper Air 500 Mb Concepts & Charts


***This 55-minute free seminar will discuss what professional marine meteorologists who forecast & route vessels & mariners, refer to as the holy grail of marine weather forecasting & routing”, such as 500 mb is.


  • The breakdown components of the upper air 500 mb chart such as the lowest elevation markings of L’s, & higher elevation markings of H’s, which also includes fixed altitude contour lines separated every 60-meters, winds, & trough axes.
  • Examples of upper-air 500 mb charts & their companion surface pressure charts reveal their direct inter-relationship.
  • Finally, there will be an important overview of why these upper air charts are such an important resource for boaters in terms of practical weather analysis & forecast applications at sea level via “Rules of Thumb”.


***This 55-minute free seminar is an important prerequisite to the paid 3-hour “500 Mb Upper Air Chart Workshop” which will also be conducted on Friday April 20th, 2018 later from xxx to xxx PM. See boat show schedule for further details.

Seminar Speaker

Lee Chesneau

Lee Chesneau is highly experienced senior marine meteorologist & graduate from one of the elite universities that offer degrees in meteorology, the University of Wisconsin (Madison). His Bachelor of Science (B.S) Degree in Meteorology was Lee’s ticket to a distinguished & extensive career with NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS) & Satellite Service (NESDIS).  Lee also….

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