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Clouds and What it Means to a Boater

Date: Sunday, April 22, 2018

Time: 10:30am - 11:30am

Location: Craneway Seminar Pavilion

Cost: Free

Speaker: Lee Chesneau

This seminar lecture discusses “clouds” & its direct meaning to a boater. California is within the middle latitudes (between 30 & 60N degrees) where the at sea-level surface pressure storm track often lies. Thus, low pressure systems, whose standard associated frontal boundaries such as warm, cold, & occluded fronts often impact the coastal & offshore waters of the west coast which of course includes California. Clouds & precipitation and fog often are associated with the low-pressure systems and their associated frontal boundaries. Lee will highlight cloud groups & types in this seminar, so boaters understand the short-term (6-24 hours) ramifications of what is visible to the naked eye, 24 X 7, & over a 360-degree panoramic view for all to see. One can learn why much of the weather folklore allows a boater to become “weather-wise” & further gives meaning to “Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning, red sky at night, sailor’s delight”.


Seminar Speaker

Lee Chesneau

Lee Chesneau is highly experienced senior marine meteorologist & graduate from one of the elite universities that offer degrees in meteorology, the University of Wisconsin (Madison). His Bachelor of Science (B.S) Degree in Meteorology was Lee’s ticket to a distinguished & extensive career with NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS) & Satellite Service (NESDIS).  Lee also….

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