All seminars will be held every day of the show: May 4-7


Mary Elkin – Modern Sailing


Captain Lisa Chapin
SailTime Charters

Captain Lisa from SailTime San Francisco will review the many different pathways to go sailing from local community sailing organizations, to how to find crew opportunities, to chartering and fractional sailing memberships plus buying boats and offshore trips.  A great seminar for new sailors who want to learn all the many different ways to sail. 


Dick Markie – Cruising Mexico


Mike Gunning – Electrifying Boats

It’s 2023, Diesel or Electric?
This interactive presentation does a review of how boats use their auxiliary motor system with a focus and comparison of electric propulsion and diesel propulsion. Data driven based of over 1000 conversions of boat from 25ft to 80ft. Industry listing of companies supporting the US electric propulsion market. With a significant number of electric sailors in the San Francisco Bay, you will likely be able to speak with those who us electric propulsion.


Virginia Gleser – Harmony with your Partner in the Small Space of a Boat 24/7

Cruising the world’s oceans is more often than not, a man’s dream and his significant other, with some reluctance decides to accompany him. The challenge then is how can you cruise successfully (meaning having a wonderful time) when you live together 24/7 on a rocking sailboat? We have a fun and interactive seminar that will give you an idea of how we’ve managed to have great cruising adventures for 6 months of each of the last 22 years. At the end of the cruising season we have happily said to each other, “Let’s do it again next year.” We focus on the steep learning curve of the first year where there are so many experiences that can enhance your time together as well as situations to avoid while pursuing your dream.


Show Manager
James Behun

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