Pacific Sail & Power Boat Show

Pacific Sail & Power Boat Show is one of the West Coast's premier shows, featuring new sail and cruising power boats, gear, hardware, seminars, and interactive workshops.

Sail Boats on Display

Beneteau 35.1

New Oceanis 35.1
The Oceanis 35.1 features a chined hull providing comfort and balance under sail. Twin rudders, a mast positioned further aft and optimized sail plan deliver excellent performance and stability underway. Below deck the Oceanis 35.1 feels incredibly spacious and open without sacrificing privacy. Her L-shaped galley makes a facing seat salon arrangement possible which can comfortably accommodate eight people.

Beneteau 38.1

New Oceanis 38.1
The Oceanis 38.1’s chined hull, mainsail arch and dual helm stations make this boat enjoyable and comfortable to sail while also generating impressive speed. You’ll love her large swim platform providing family fun on the water. Open and bright below, she is available in two and three-cabin layouts.

Beneteau 41.1

Oceanis 41.1
The Oceanis 41.1 features a chined hull, mast slightly aft, self-tacking jib and German sheet system providing impeccable balance in all wind conditions. Her cockpit is the largest of any boat her size. Her transom once lowered, doubles as a swim platform. Ample room below deck offers the choice of a two or three-cabin layout with one or two heads

Beneteau 48

Oceanis 48
A sleek silhouette and deck plan optimized for cruising, the Oceanis 48 is perfectly proportioned. Numerous options to maximize space and efficiency distinguish her from others. She comes equipped with a mainsail arch and centered mast providing impeccable balance. A streamlined hull produces stability and comfort at all speeds. Her spacious interior boasts roomy cabins and plenty of storage for maximum livability.

Beneteau 55

Oceanis 55
The Oceanis 55 comes with a multitude of design options that make her more like a custom yacht without the custom price. Her 16-foot beam gives you a choice of three to five cabins. Twin rudders, three keel options and dual helm stations help give you the capacity to single-handedly sail this 55-foot yacht any way you want.

Catalina 385

Third in the acclaimed Catalina 5 Series Yachts, the 385 is an evolution of successful design features and proportions moderate beam carried well aft for a spacious cockpit moderate freeboard for reduced windage and pleasing appearance, and an innovative and beautiful finished interior.  The new 385 combines all the best elements of successful previous models in the 5 Series.

The 385 breaks with tradition aesthetically, but has all the features that sets Catalina apart from other builders.  Lead keels, roomy cockpits and long travelers for precise sail control.  Long inboard genoa tracks to accommodate headsails from powerful 155% genoas to storm jibs, allowing the sail plan to be balanced in all wind conditions.

Catalina 425

The 425 incorporates all of Catalina’s hallmark features: a functional, spacious cockpit, a comfortable, carefully detailed interior, and all the 5 Series features that have redefined the Catalina brand.
The deck includes twin helms on performance pedestals with pre-stretched cables. The hull features six large fixed ports recessed into the hull for lots of light and visibility. A self-tacking jib and jib traveler are standard, and main and jib sheets are lead to the helm for efficient short-handed sailing. The forward owner’s cabin features a large centerline berth with an elevating adjustable mattress. There are starboard and port aft cabins; the latter is easily convertible to a storage cabin with a gull wing cockpit hatch. A central accessible mechanical space provides excellent access to primary engine, generator, water heater and air conditioners, which simplifies maintenance and inspections necessary for systems reliability.

Jeanneau 419

2017 Jeanneau 419 – Integrating all the latest improvements and key innovations of the Sun Odyssey line, this 13-meter sailboat is fast and easy to maneuver. The Sun Odyssey 419 (42’) is available in two- or three-cabin configurations.

Jeanneau 449

2017 Jeanneau 449 – Designed by Philippe Briand, this sailboat has been carefully studied down to the smallest detail to offer superior performance and ease of handling. You will appreciate this seaworthy sailboat, stable and responsive at the helm, and her length of 14 meters (46’) maneuvers demanding great precision.

Jeanneau 519

2017 Jeanneau 519 – Designed by world-renowned naval architect, Philippe Briand, the new Sun Odyssey 519 incorporates of all the latest design developments and innovations. Each detail has been carefully studied to offer high functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Jeanneau 54

Every aspect of the Jeanneau 54 is all-new and designed to fit the way you live, like no other yacht in her class. Never before seen solutions are found throughout, from the clever VIP interior layout to the spacious living cockpit and the easy and discreet management of the tender and the innovative aft terrace. Every detail and function has been considered to enhance life aboard and the cruising experience.

The Jeanneau 54 is born from the close collaboration of Philippe Briand, who’s chined hull and elegant deck profile ensure seaworthy handling and timeless looks, and Andrew Winch’s meticulous approach to every ergonomic detail and the selection of high-end materials that echo the look and feel of his super yacht pedigree.
Winner of SAIL Magazine’s “Best Boats” for 2016

Hallberg-Rassy 372

The Hallberg-Rassy 372 is optimized for comfortable and fast family cruising. She will take you anywhere, anytime. Compared to the Hallberg-Rassy 37, the 372 is only a few centimeters longer, is 5 cm wider and has a fuller transom. The canoe body is slightly shallower and the keel slightly deeper and lighter. The aft and mid sections of the hull are flatter and the bow section sharper. The sheer line is more pronounced. The modern sail-plan is easy to handle. The yacht breathes graceful elegance.
Hallberg-Rassy may be best known for its centre cockpit boats, but over 5 600 of so far 9 000 built Hallberg-Rassy’s have an aft cockpit. The aft cockpit 372 is in every aspect an all-new Frers design and is not based on the center cockpit Hallberg-Rassy 37.

Lagoon 380

Undisputed world champion in its category (more than 700 boats delivered in 2013), the 380 is still going strong. It’s fast, easy to maneuver and safe, and has a legion of fans spread across the world’s oceans.
Lagoon expertise
* a simple, efficient deck layout
* vertical glazing provides better protection against the sun and optimizes space and headroom
* layouts include 3 or 4 cabins in a 38′ boat
* interior woodwork in Alpi® reconstituted wood, a sustainable source
* VPLP design: performance under sail guaranteed!


Lagoon 42

A sleek, modern design.
This new member of the Lagoon family has style and a strong personality.
While keeping a family resemblance and retaining the main features of the latest generation of Lagoons, it shows us a new path: unhurried evolution, a new “organic” approach, in search of harmony between living space and man.
An elegant silhouette, flowing curves which, by virtue of a noticeable acceleration of the lines in the bows and in the new coachroof design, emphasise the powerful and dynamic nature of this new model… A VPLP design naturally, a guarantee of performance under sail!

Lagoon 450

Replacing a catamaran that has come to be seen as a benchmark is no easy task. But the VPLP architects, in partnership with Lagoon and the celebrated Nauta Design studio, have been brilliantly successful in creating the new Lagoon 450.

Dehler 38

The Dehler 38 is a cool mixture of mid-century meets modernism. The creative design from Judel/Vrolijk showcases the next generation of Dehler yachts perfectly. Whether you’re an ambitious racer, want comfortable cruising or you’re entertaining family and friends, the Dehler 38 will meet your needs. The extensive option list offers the possibility to transfer the yacht into a luxurious fast cruiser or a very sporty performer for ambitious racing crews. She has a modern but timeless exterior and a sophisticated designed interior. The interior offers a 2 or 3 cabin layout, a large luxurious head with separate shower unit and a spacious yet intimate saloon area.

The Dehler 38 is a well-balanced, lightweight stable yacht making it responsive in ways experienced sailors will appreciate. A dream at the helm and also on the race course!

Dehler 42

This new model will be making her big North American debut at this year’s Pacific Sail & Power Boat Show!

The mission to offer pure sailing enjoyment is underlined in this model with different expansion levels, which enables the model to be transformed from a comfortable touring version into a competitive sporty model with a wide range of options.

With this new Dehler 42, Dehler is setting trends once again and presents sophisticated detail solutions true to the brand’s 50-year tradition of success. This includes the Uni-Door bathroom, the Dehler Carbon Cage and a wide range of innovations, both large and small.

Mission completed: sailing enjoyment delivered.

Dehler 46

The first Dehler 46 on the West Coast and the largest Dehler in the lineup will be featured at Pacific Sail & Power Boat Show 2016. Nominated for the renowned title ‘European Yacht of the Year 2015. The Dehler 46 shines with a sporty design, innovative technology, outstanding variability and amazing sailing characteristics. With these qualities, Dehler is strengthening its reputation as a versatile performance cruiser with excellent characteristics for cruisers and sport-oriented sailors.
Come see for yourself.

Hansa 303

West Coast Sailing will be showing the Hansa 303, a “Universal Design” boat, intended for anyone and everyone to be able to sail it, regardless of experience, size, age, or physical or cognitive disabilities.  Visit West Coast Sailing to see the Hansa at booth BU20!

Lagoon 400

After seeing over 260 boats built in three years, the Lagoon 400 (launched in 2009) has found a new lease of life through Nauta Design’s work on the boat’s interior fittings. Suggestions received from owners have enabled Lagoon to produce a boat that is even more welcoming, with a greater level of comfort, and resolutely modern: the result is the Lagoon 400 S2, a nod to its famous predecessors, the Lagoon 410 S2 and 380 S2.

Like its predecessors, the Lagoon 400 S2 is designed for coastal or ocean cruises. It can comfortably accommodate 8 with its 3 or 4 double cabins, elegantly fitted, spacious interior, and her cockpit and salon on the same level.

Hanse 385

The award winning Hanse 385 is designed to get the crew swiftly and safely to their destination. The deck of the Hanse 385 is pleasantly free of lines and fittings, meaning you have plenty of room to relax at sea and in the harbor. Innovative integrated self-tacking and the German dual mainsheet control system provides easy sailing. The generous sail plan, fully battened mainsail, and L-shaped keel provide superior performance.

Stylish, roomy, swift, safe – come see the difference.

Hanse 455

At home on the high seas, the 455 has everything you would expect from a perfect cruising yacht. This Judel/Vrolijk creation has the largest cockpit in its class, giving owners enough space to sail in comfort and spend relaxing hours in port. Using Hanse’s signature self-tacking jib and deck layout – with all lines led aft to the helm, the 455 is easy and safe to operate and designed for short-handed sailing. Below deck, the cabins are light and spacious with ample storage and plenty of ventilation. For those who haven’t had the opportunity to sail a Hanse, getting aboard this boat will be a refreshing look at what yachting can be – Easy Handling, Fast Sailing, Innovative, and Easy to Maintain. Come see why Hanse Yachts is the fastest growing importer of cruising sailboats in North America.


J/88The new J/88 hits the sweet-spot in J Boat’s performance sprit range. This mid-size 29 foot family speedster is fast, fun and stable with the security and comfort of a sit-in cockpit, inboard diesel, weekending interior and onboard head. She’s small enough to be single-point lifted without having to rely on the boat yard.
LOA: 29.19 ft. Beam: 9.50 ft. Draft: 6.50 ft.

Moody 54 Deck Saloon

The Moody 54 Deck Saloon will be making her northern California debut at Pacific Sail & Power Boat Show 2016. German innovation and design at its finest, this beauty combines everything you want in a cruising sailing yacht. This is a boat with an expansive cockpit, tremendous safety and security features, Moody’s ‘Living on One Level’ concept, and amenities you would expect on a mega yacht. All of these luxury features and more are built into a hull that sails beautifully.


A fast, fun, and modern plastic sailboat for kids. The O’pen Bic introduces young sailors to the excitement of sailing a responsive and quick boat on their own. The stable hull provides a versatile platform with multiple sail options for beginner to more advanced sailors.

RS Aero

RS Aero,Hayling Island,UKRS Aero
A 21st century dinghy that embodies pure exhilaration and beautiful simplicity. With 66 pound hull weight and 88 pound total sailing weight, the RS Aero is user-friendly ashore and full of performance on the water. With three rig options, anyone from a junior sailor to an experienced adult can enjoy the benefits of this hi-tech design. This singlehander is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide with over 600 boats sold in the first 9 months.

RS Quest

RS Quest

The RS Quest is a 14’1” dinghy developed specifically for sailing programs and families. Its wide, rotomolded hull is quite stable and much more durable than fiberglass. The spacious cockpit, modern rigging and optional asymmetrical spinnaker ensure an enjoyable and exciting day on the water for sailors of all skill levels.