Remora SOLO Waterproof Power Tool

The Remora SOLO is truly THE one-of-a-kind waterproof, cordless power tool, making underwater surface cleaning tasks a breeze. Tough enough to use in both salt and freshwater environments, this game changing underwater rotary brush is ideal for hull cleaning, or any underwater surface that attracts biofouling
The self-contained, battery-powered SOLO is safe and convenient, and will run for hours, without cumbersome hydraulic hoses or dangerous power cords. 
Remora SOLO comes with a variable Speed Control and a variety of brushes to pick from, which allows you to pick the right combination for safe and easy cleaning on any bottom paint. Our proprietary impeller brush technology allows Remora to safely suck itself against the hull, so you don’t have to constantly push/kick to keep in contact with the surface. And our pause feature allows you to stop and resume with the exact settings when needed. This means convenience and less fatigue, so you can get more work done and save on air. Come find us at the Craneway Pavilion space D13 and check out our show specials!