PYI Hose Clamps

The PYI Hose Clamps are the latest addition to the PYI product line. By rolling the edges and removing perforations and ribs on the inside portion of the embossed hose band, the PYI Hose Clamp can be used on the softest hoses without worry of damage to the underlying surface during installation and throughout its use.

Manufactured entirely out of 316L stainless steel gives the PYI Hose Clamp excellent resistance to corrosive chemicals and acids that could limit the life of other metals. Whether used in a marine environment, industrially or around the house, the hose clamp will keep any hose secure in some of the harshest environments.

By utilizing a durable one-piece riveting screw cage design that is formed from a single piece of 316L stainless steel, the screw cage is capable of withstanding high tightening torque and internal hose pressure. PYI Hose Clamps can be hand tightened up to 135 in/lbs. without the screw slipping or distorting the screw cage providing a reliable, strong and stable clamping force, as well as a long-lasting hold that is ideal for most demanding applications.

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