New WS500 Alternator Regulator by Wakespeed Offshore

“Having been in the DC charging business for more than 20 years, I can tell you that the notion of using current as well as voltage to regulate charging has always been the holy grail for intelligent battery care,” says Rick Jones, former Balmar VP and Co-Owner at TJCMicro. “Wakespeed Offshore’s new WS500 Advanced DC Charge Controller finally delivers the ability to use both components and charge batteries the way that battery manufacturers have always recommended.”

In a resounding departure from the vast majority of multi-stage regulators currently available, the WS500 uses a unique approach to charge control by factoring multiple criteria – battery voltage, current in, current out, battery temperature, alternator temperature – to create a smarter approach to battery care. Highly configurable and enabled to communicate via J1939 CAN protocol, the WS500 provides superior charging efficiency, and the singular ability to address the specific needs of newer battery technologies like LiFePO4 and similar chemistries.

Ideal for RV or marine applications, the WS500 auto-adjusts for 12-, 24- and 48-volt systems and allows advanced user-configuration for system voltages in between. The WS500 can be easily configured to most popular battery types: standard and high-density AGM, standard and deep-cycle flooded, gel, carbon foam and TPPL via an internal switch. Two custom presets (one of which is preconfigured for a LiFeP04 battery profile) can be configured to battery manufacturer recommendations or by an OEM installer to deliver optimized charging for specific applications. Advanced configuration via PC provides adjustment to more than 100 charging modes.

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