Neutrino Power Distribution and Control System

Neutrino is a patent pending, USA made power distribution and control system for 12V DC system, consisting of a compact, ruggedized and waterproof distribution module and smart phone applications using Bluetooth connectivity. There are 2 versions of the product, Element and Aurora. Element has loads of features, including the ability to activate garage door openers from within the app and the ability to activate servo controlled devices. Aurora adds additional functionality including deceleration based circuit activation, the ability to link circuits, circuit modulation and a number of automation features.

The system handles 60 amps of continuous power over six circuits with three rated @12A, two @15A and one @20A. All circuits are protected by smart phone programmable self resetting circuit breakers and include realtime amperage and voltage monitoring with programmable auto shutdown. Circuits can be set to be switched or variable, controlled by an external switch, or (in the case of Aurora) controlled by various sort of automation. These include speed, temperature and sunset time.

Among the attributes this product brings to the marine market include eliminating the need to run control wires from the cabin to the cockpit, elimination of most relays, elimination of the need to locate switches and controls within the cockpit, the ability to reconfigure circuits at will rather than replace switches with variable controllers (and vice versa), the ability to monitor circuits in real time with precise circuit failure diagnostics, and the ability to control servo devices. A number of our customers have gotten creative with Neutrino using it as an anti theft system and even controlling add-on ECU modifiers based on temperature and acceleration/deceleration. Neutrino is an enormously capable and configurable system with a deceptively simple smart phone interface.The Element version has a retail of $249.99 and at that price pretty much eliminates consideration of older technology devices such as fuse blocks and first generation PDM modules. Depending on how the system is used it can eliminate well over $500 worth of hardware while hugely simplifying installation and increasing reliability. Element can be factory upgraded to full Aurora functionality at any time.

Aurora is the same hardware with different firmware/software, adding a good bit of functionality, with a retail of $349.99.
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