Boye Knives Galley Cutlery

Boye Knives has added some beautiful handcrafted galley cutlery to our line of boat knives, and they will be on display at our booth at show. The 6” chef’s and paring knives pictured below are made of dendritic cobalt with an Arizona desert ironwood handle, turquoise and sterling silver rings. The pattern on the chef’s knife blade is a magnification of the carbide crystal formations inside the blade. These knives will not rust and have extraordinary edge holding capabilities.

David Boye has been making knives since 1971, and is prominent in the custom knife making world. He has been crafting high performance knives for the boating market since 2000, when Boye Knives was rated #1 Boat Knife by Practical Sailor. Visit Boye Knives in Craneway Booth C7 to get yours!