Farrier 33

The new F-33 is a truly modern ‘state of the art’ design, and incorporates the latest third generation Farrier Folding System™. The third generation beams have no intrusion into the main cabin, and eliminate the awkward beam pockets in the cabin sides. Floats are as large as they can be for such a folding trimaran, with extra buoyancy having been designed in forward and low down for the maximum sail carrying power.

The standard F-33 offers more room than any other equivalent legally trailerable folding trimaran, due to efficient design, plus heavy and space robbing interior liners are not used, which also makes the F-33 the lightest available production boat of its type. The extra wide maxi F-33X is even larger again, and is easily the roomiest and most seaworthy folding trimaran in its class.

The new F-33 series has one major advantage over the original F-33, this being the availability of the narrower 2.6m (8′ 6″) F-33 version which is the largest legally trailerable trimaran available, with no permit required for US roads. The wider F-33X will require a permit to be trailered, but it has much more room and a higher load carrying capacity.

The new F-33 series has been designed with a limited ocean going capability in mind, and best of all they are true Farrier designs, so reliability is ensured.