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Whether you are a novice or experienced on the water, you’re sure to enjoy some fantastic opportunities to get hands-on time on the boat of your choice.

If you are a cruiser or a racer, thinking about the next boat or a charter vacation, or looking to try out the latest boats and learn about their new technologies and styles, one of these programs will be right for you.


Set Sail on the New RS21 Keelboat with West Coast Sailing!

West Coast Sailing is bringing the new RS21 keelboat to the Pacific Boat Show, and you can sail her!

The RS21 responds to the need for a progressive, simple and affordable solution for keelboat clubs that increasingly see the opportunity for fleet ownership, league competition and training.  It puts close racing over ultimate performance, and convenient ownership over complexity. It maximizes low maintenance, value and pure sailing enjoyment. This is the boat to bring wider availability and popularity back to keelboat racing.

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